So, this week I’m going vegan. As a vegetarian for reasons of conscience, I’ve always felt a bit guilty about the dairy products and eggs (are eggs dairy products?) I consume (with vigor). However, I’m also a pragmatist – I like to think Obama stole my title, pragmatic idealist. My goal with this vegan week is to see how I do and then ultimately to incorporate one vegan day a week into my regular routine.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far (this is day two):

1. It’s pricey to build a vegan pantry.

2. Whole Foods is pricey.

3. Whole Foods has everything you need to set up a pricey, vegan pantry.

4. Preparing quality (read nutritious) vegan food is a PAIN.

5. My energy is great.

6. My flatulence is pronounced.

7. Vegan food, when prepared with the right ingredients, is YUMMY (I keep exclaiming as I eat things how delicious they are).

I’m following, with modifications, this plan put together by Cassy Ho. The modifications are primarily adding food (e.g. eating more of what she suggests) as I’m not looking to lose weight…

Up for a vegan challenge? Tried one yourself? Let’s talk!